The 3 Best SARMs Suppliers of 2020

What are some of the key factors you consider when deciding which store to buy your SARMs from? You know, the biggest problem with a product that is so effective and popular is it attracts interests from different people, and not all of them have the buyer’s best interests at heart. SARMs have, over the last couple of years, proven to be one of the best bodybuilding supplements around. Their muscle building abilities can only be compared to anabolic steroids, yet they are friendlier and generally safer.

As a result, stores have emerged from all over each one claiming to have the highest quality SARMs, but that is never the case. What’s worse is that using a contaminated or low-quality SARM can result in severe adverse reactions that can escalate to serious medical complications. We’ve also come across shocking reports about certain stores lacing their SARMs with steroids and other compounds to increase their potency! I honestly can’t stress enough just how crucial it is to make sure you are buying your SARMs from the right store.

Before I take you through the best SARMs vendor of 2020, let me just point out a few critical factors that you need to consider when looking for the ideal supplier:

  • Lab Tests

Quality is everything when it comes to Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. A high-quality drug helps you to get the desired results without putting your health and life at risk. On the other hand, a low-quality drug is a waste of your time and money. Additionally, it leaves you exposed to a wide array of medical complications.
The only way to know that a product is of high-quality is through lab tests. The best SARMs suppliers will always submit their compounds for extensive lab tests. These tests are designed to screen for effectiveness as well as safety. But, a lab test alone is not enough; you want a store that does third-party lab tests. This is where stores submit their drugs to independent laboratories where the tests can be done without any conflict of interest. It is the only way to make sure that, indeed, the products are fit for use.
Here is another thing, many stores will claim to conduct third-party tests, but only a handful of them are transparent enough to publish the tests’ results for everyone to see. You want a store that publishes their results!

  • Shipping Policy

Every day counts when it comes to bodybuilding and the use of performance enhancers. A good supplier has a quick turnaround time to make sure that your cycles are never inconvenienced. Personally, I do my best to avoid any store that takes more than 1 business day to process and ship my supplies.

  • Return Policy

A return policy is one way of a company showing that they stand behind the quality of their products. Buying something from a store with a hassle-free return policy gives you confidence that the products are of the best quality.
Besides boosting your confidence, a stress-free money-back guarantee comes in very handy should you be disappointed by the products. This is especially useful if you are planning to make a bulk purchase.

  • Customer Support

Some stores do not provide any reliable contact information. Others will provide an email address but with a horrendous response time. This can be very frustrating when you are having an issue that you want resolved.
The best SARMs suppliers always have more than one method of communication, and they also respond promptly to customer issues.
You can check out online forums to see what other buyers have to say about the stores.

  • Price

Price has always been a tricky subject regardless of what it is you are buying. Remember, you always get what you pay for. If your aim is to save as much money as possible, you will get a really cheap store, but the quality of their products is bound to be just as low. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of athletes who bought a supplement from one store, but it wasn’t as impressive as the same supplement from a different store.
So here is the thing, you are free to shop around for the best price but don’t prioritize the price tag over everything else. Quality should always come first.
Without wasting any more time, here are the 3 best SARMs Suppliers on the market:

1. Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides is hands-down, the best SARMs supplier on the market at the moment. These guys tick all the relevant boxes, ensuring that your entire experience, from shopping, buying, payment, shipping, to using the actual products, is nothing but the best.
First of all, they have a very user-friendly website. It’s very intuitive and responsive. You can access all the relevant pages from the homepage i.e., the product catalog as well as contact information and other details.

Another reason to source your SARMs here is the quality of their products, which remains unmatched. Proven Peptides is a company that boasts about the quality of their SARMs and rightfully so because they have the evidence to back their claims. From the home page, you will see their products are made and tested in the United States. They also have a page where they publish all their lab test results. These lab tests are conducted by independent laboratories. You are free to scrutinize the results from any batch of any year or month you want. They have lab results from September 2020 going all the way to July 2017. How many other SARMs vendors can match this transparency?
Besides the top-notch quality, Proven Peptides is also a great store because they provide all the popular SARMs. This means you can shop SARMs for all your bodybuilding needs under one roof. Some of the products available here are:

Under each SARM, you will see a product description covering some of the vital information you need to know about it. For instance, they highlight the benefits of using that SARM, its concentration, and half-life, as well as side effects.

  • Shipping and Return Policy

Proven Peptides process and ship orders within one business day. Take note that it’s one day after your payment is cleared and not necessarily after placing your order. Therefore, if your mode of payment takes long to be cleared, the shipment will also be delayed.
The company ships both locally and internationally.
Proven Peptides provides a 90-day money-back guarantee on all its products. To return the items, get in touch with the company through the provided email address. They will give you the procedure to follow. All refunds are processed within one business day, and they are done in the same way you made your payment i.e., if you used a credit card, the money would be refunded to your credit card.
While on the subject of credit cards, Proven Peptides provides several payment options, including eCheck, bitcoin, and PMC Coin.

Proven Peptides Prices

Proven Peptides have very competitive prices. Their products come in liquid form at 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml sizes. Prices vary depending on which SARM you are buying, but they start from $34.99 for 15ml bottles to $139.99 for the 60ml bottles.
The company provides coupon codes and discounts regularly. They also have a loyalty program that earns you peptides points for every dollar you spend. You can then use the points like cash in your next purchase. All orders above $75.00 also receive free shipping.

Visit Proven Peptides here

2. is another brilliant SARMs vendor that you can always rely on to get quality products shipped to you promptly. Like the top pick above, also has a user-friendly website, which is very useful because they sell more products than Proven Peptides. This makes it easier to navigate around the site and get the items you need with ease. They also have a quick search option just in case you are having a hard time finding what you want.
The company has a very strict quality control policy to ensure each drug produces the necessary results without exposing the users to unnecessary risks. A sample is usually taken from each batch and sent to independent laboratories for screening. The SARMs are subjected to thorough tests such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) that screen for purity. They also check for identity as well as contaminants. It’s only the batches that make through the entire process that are put up for sale. have a better catalog than Proven Peptides. In addition to SARMs, they also have other research chemicals that you may need for other purposes and not just bodybuilding. For instance, they have nootropics used to enhance brain performance, metabolics, longevity, and other types of supplements. Their products are also available in different forms from liquid, powder, spray to aliquots.
Some of the SARMs available at are:

– Cardarine GW501516
– Ostarine MK2866
– Testolone RAD140
– Ibutamoren MK677
– Andarine S4
– Stenabolic SR9009
– LGD4
– S23

Under each product, you will see a link under Third Party Analysis, which directs you to a dropbox document showing the purity and potency details from lab tests. Shipping and Return Policy provides same-day shipping for all orders placed before 12 pm PST. Any orders placed after that will be processed and shipped on the next day. Shipping is done on all days except for weekends and federal holidays. Large orders may take slightly longer to ship.
The company provides both local and international shipping. They also have a page where you can track your orders. products are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To return your items, get in touch with the company through the Contact Us page on their website. Due to the sensitive nature of the drugs, opened and adulterated items are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. offers several payment options, including eCheck, MasterCard and Visa credit cards, and Cryptocurrency. Prices does not have the lowest prices in the market, but for the quality, their prices seem reasonable.
The company also offers discounts. For example, you can get 10% off your order when you sign up for their newsletter and other promotional emails. They also offer free international shipping on all orders above $300.00.

Visit Science.Bio here

3. Chemyo

Third in our list is the supplier Chemyo. They are a great store selling lots of products that go beyond bodybuilding and fitness.
Like the other stores, Chemyo also does independent lab tests. Their raw and finished products run through HPLC tests to check for purity. The company even allows buyers to choose the HPLC licensed testing lab of their choice and have a product tested, and if it fails, they will get a refund for both the HPLC test as well as the order and shipping costs. That’s how confident they are about their products! They also have attachments on the lab test results of the batches that are currently on sale.

Chemyo has a very extensive product selection. You can buy oral SARMs, peptides, male enhancement pills, Kratom, and even post cycle therapy drugs from this store. They also provide accessories that you may need, such as nasal spray bottles and bacteriostatic water.
The company has a category on stacks where they sell several SARMs under one stack at a discounted price. For instance, the cutter stack of Cardarine and S23 is going for $129.51 instead of $143.90.

Some of the SARMs available in this store are:
– Cardarine GW501516
– Ligandrol LGD4033
– Ibutamoren MK677
– Testolone RAD140
– Ostarine MK2866
– Andarine S4
– S23
– YK11

Chemyo Shipping and Return Policy

Chemyo has a fast turnaround time with most domestic shipments taking 1-5 days while international shipments take 5-10 days.
The company does not ship products to military addresses. Also, you are responsible for checking the regulations of SARMs in your country before placing your order. Chemyo will not be liable for any losses that you incur due to customs issues in your country.
Chemyo has a return policy, but it’s not the best in the market. You can only return the items within 14 days of receipt. Also, you will be charged 15% as a restocking fee! The costs incurred in returning the orders are not refunded as well. Orders have to be unopened and in their original packaging to qualify for a refund. Get in touch with Chemyo through email first before returning your items.
Chemyo supports different payment options, including credit cards, Zell, Bitcoin, and SEPA direct debit for EU customers.


Chemyo sells capsulated SARMs. The prices vary depending on the SARM you are buying and the size of the capsule. For instance, 60 capsules containing 5mg of YK11 in each capsule retails at $79.95 while 60 capsules of Ostarine containing 10mg in each capsule goes for $63.95. In general, the prices are a bit fair.

The company also provides some discounts e.g., you will get 20% off your order if you use Cryptocurrency as your method of payment. They also have a store credit program. This is where you earn points from each purchase you make. Every $10 you spend earns you 1 store credit. You can redeem these credits once you have at least 100 of them.

Visit Chemyo here